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Guranteed Results in 90 Days

Get your company off the ground and ranking properly on Google search engines. Our digital marketing service will take your company from ZERO-PLAID! Unleash the power of online marketing and dominate your competition with our powerful local SEO strategy. It’s time to make the investment into contractor marketing and grow your client base.

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Plaid agency focuses solely on local SEO because that is where the business is! Our unique & powerful SEO contractor marketing tactics will target local audiences and keywords that will ensure maximum visibility in search engine results for your contract business.

We specialize in working with all types of home service contractors which include HVAC, air duct cleaning, roofing, electrical, plumbing, drywall, kitchen and bathroom remodelers, and many more types of construction companies.

Our unique digital marketing strategy for contract businesses will open up more marketing channels, build brand awareness, get your phone ringing and leads coming in more consistently. Your competition won’t know what hit them!

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Supercharge your Online Presence

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Search engine optimization is ranking your website on Google searches and getting featured in the local 3 pack. The calls and leads will increase when your website is fully optimized with the right SEO strategy.

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Pay per click setup and optimization is crucial when you are waiting for your SEO investment to gain traction in the search queries. Proper setup will decrease costs, increase conversions and traffic.

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Web Design

Customers are coming to your website to find information. When your website isn't clear and concise, they will go to your competitor. Proper website layout is crucial to driving leads and increase calls.

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Marketing For:

An Agency For Contractors

Proven SEO Results

Plaid contractor marketing has been around the trades a long time. Our search engine optimization (SEO) company understands all the different types of construction companies, so rest assured we will be speaking the same language with you. Therefore, we don’t have to waste time learning your trade. We just need to get to know you and your company to make sure we are representing your brand to the best of our abilities with our contractor marketing strategies.







Contractor Marketing

Case Study

Totally Clean, an air duct cleaning contractor based out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin reached out to our contractor marketing company because he saw a new competitor targeting his audience. This competitor dominated local searches with an optimized Google My Business page, a strong pay per click PPC advertising campaign, really good search engine optimization and local SEO landing pages. 

This competitor rose to the top quickly and was dominating the local markets and stealing tons of potential clients from Totally Clean. When James started losing business, he finally had enough and gave us a call to improve his online presence.

James at Totally Clean previously worked with low quality SEO companies who did nothing more than take his money and provided him with little to no results. James was completely skeptical that Plaid Digital Marketing could move him up the SERPS so quickly and get his phone ringing but we did it in less than 60 days!

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Totally Clean was a complete ground up rebuild. Their website was mismanaged by previous owners and SEO agencies. It was a complete disaster so we recommended just starting over from scratch. It was a massive undertaking but the end result was worth it.

Totally Clean is now one of the top air duct cleaning contractors in the Milwaukee area with sales in excess of 25k a month!

Our Seo Strategy is

Fine Tuned for Your Local Market

Your competitors won’t even know what hit them! Our contractor marketing agency doesn’t hold back our SEO efforts or drip feed you like most digital marketing services. Maximum effort is applied each and every month to your local SEO strategy. You can’t rank nationally until you build out locally! 

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We solely focus on local domination at first, then start growing nationally if that is the direction you would like to see your contractor home service venture towards.

Our SEO specialists are experts on keyword research, search engine optimization, and executing Plaid Agency’s unique contractor marketing strategies. Your contractor company will see an immediate increase in search engine rankings, local searches, brand awareness and an increased online presence all over your local region.

All of our services always include our core SEO strategy that includes: On-Page SEO, Technical SEO, Off-Page SEO, Website Maintenance, Monitor Algorithm changes and Monthly Content Development.

Set aside a couple hours so we can go over our process in detail. We aren’t like most contractor agencies. We want you to grasp the basics of SEO. Plaid Agency prides itself on our transparent contractor SEO services.

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We ensure your business information is listed on all major citation sites, business directories and data aggregators to boost local search relevance. Often neglected by SEO Agencies.

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Targeting the right keywords for each page is crucial for search engines to rank your website. The right keywords will rank higher, get listed on SERP features, and gain featured snippets.

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Building quality backlinks to your website will increase rankings over time and make it harder for competitors to nudge you out of your top positions. Link building is one of the biggest ranking factors and needs to be done right!

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Content is king! We build authority to your website by creating content! Lots of content! We write industry specific blog posts to target audiences in your niche. This drive new traffic and conversations. IMPORTANT!

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Most of your local traffic will come to your website via Google My Business. By creating location specific content, your GMB listing will rank higher in the local 3-Pack. Tip: Reviews & Social Media Posts Help Rank!

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Local Landing

For each service you offer, a landing page with location specific details will be created. This tells Google you are relevant and should be listed higher. Creating strong locally relevant service pages is crucial!

The Process of

Getting Started

We aim to keep our process simple for you from the very beginning as part of your contractor marketing campaign. Let us handle all the digital marketing efforts while you concentrate on building your empire. Plaid Agency will be honest and transparent with you every step of the way. There will be no hidden suprises.

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It all starts with a conversation about your contract business needs. Then we will explain a little bit about what our contractor marketing agency does and how we can help.

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After we get a better handle of the direction you are trying to take your contracting business, then we will put together a proposal that outlines what we will do for you.

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Start of Work

With a signed proposal and an agreement to work together, we will start building your website, creating content, identifying keywords and get your SEO campaign started.

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We will carefully watch all keyword movements and adjust accordingly. Create new content, build backlinks, citations, location landing pages and optimize your GMB profile.

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Each month we will meet in person or via Google Video to share the progress your contractor SEO is making. Brainstorm new ideas and move forward.

Frequently Ask Questions

Learn More About SEO

Our web design process takes 30-90 days and all depends on how engaged and how much leeway you give our company.

Our typical clients will start to see SEO results in 2-4 months depending on many factors that include:

  1. Previous SEO efforts
  2. Structure of Website
  3. Content
  4. Age of Domain
  5. Backlink Profile

We mainly stick with clients in the trades because that is where we have a lifetime of experience. However, we will step outside of contractor marketing if we feel we can help you. 

Other clients we will sometimes work with are chiropractors and dentists.

We do not lock anyone into contracts if you engage with us in an SEO or PPC marketing campaign. If we are not doing a good job for you then you are free to go. Fortunately, we don’t really lose clients.

The only contract we will put in place is for web design services to ensure work that is completed is paid up front or is under a monthly contract until paid in full.

No. We do everything SEO, PPC and web design related in house. 

Since we have a strong foundation and experience in contractor trades, we prefer to write our own content to put a unique spin and personal touch to it all. 

We do however on occasion, will write content and then send it to an editor to polish up grammar.

Backlinking is a game of patience. We build links by building awesome linkable content. This in turn helps your company become an authority in the industry which should be the primary goal of marketing agency’s. 

Writing quality content and receiving good backlinks will be rewarded by higher rankings in Google versus other companies who pay for low quality backlinks for short term gains or no gains at all.

The short answer is because most of our clients are trying to gain business in their local markets. Often times, this is over looked by SEO agencies because they are more focused on national rankings which is why they will tell you it will take years to see SEO results.

Do we target nationally ranked keywords? Absolutely, but those take time and our goal is to get the phone ringing locally first. 

We keyword our core/anchor pages for national keywords and then branch off from those into local keyword searches. Local keywords gain traction faster because they are not heavily targeted.