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As the cutting-edge solar marketing agency, we’re energized to amplify your lead generation like never before. Our radiant strategies ensure that your solar panel services shine brightly, igniting customer interest and elevating your business to unprecedented levels.

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Marketing for Solar Installers

We get you noticed in your area

Are you tired of hearing “it’s too expensive” or watching customers choose the cheapest panels over lasting value? The solar industry is full of challenges, but it’s also bursting with potential. That’s where we come in. We’re a solar marketing agency that gets it—you need marketing that finds the right customers, the ones who see solar energy as the smart investment it is.

We’re not here with generic marketing tactics. Our team lives and breathes solar. We’ve helped solar companies like yours see incredible results – more qualified leads, higher conversion rates, and a reputation as the go-to solar provider. It’s time for a customized solar marketing plan fueled by cutting-edge SEO, targeted PPC, and a website that shines as bright as your solar solutions. Let’s make you the trusted name in solar for your community.

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Benefits TO Working With Us

Not Offshored. A U.S.-Based Agency.
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Generic solar marketing casts a wide net. We use laser-focused strategies to connect you with homeowners and businesses actively considering solar. This means more qualified leads, and less time chasing those who are just browsing.

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We're a solar energy digital marketing agency obsessed with data. Track the success of your campaigns, understand which marketing channels are paying off, and see exactly how your marketing investment translates into real business growth.

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We help you showcase the value of your premium panels, expert installation, and the long-term benefits of solar investment. Say goodbye to price-shoppers and hello to customers willing to invest in quality and sustainability.


Services We Offer

Get noticed online
Solar seo marketing
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Search Engine Optimization

We know how important it is for your business to be found in local searches. Our SEO for solar companies services utilize targeted keyword research and website optimization to help you rank at the top of results for relevant searches like “solar installers near me.” This strategy ensures a steady stream of qualified leads in your area.

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Pay Per Click Advertising

We understand solar decisions take time. That’s why our PPC for solar companies’ campaigns focuses on placing your ads directly in front of people actively researching solar options. This generates high-quality leads and drives immediate interest from potential customers.

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Your website is a powerful sales tool. We’ll craft a professional site designed with website design for solar companies’ best practices. This will instantly establish your expertise by showcasing certifications, glowing testimonials, and available financing options. A clear call to action makes it easy for potential customers to request a quote or consultation.

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GMB Optimization

Be the electrician people find when they search for services in your area. We’ll optimize your Google Business Profile for maximum local search and map visibility. This translates to more calls and more customers coming your way.

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Email Marketing

Solar installation is a major investment for customers. Our email marketing for solar companies helps you nurture leads and stay top-of-mind. We’ll craft targeted emails with valuable content showcasing your expertise with energy-saving tips, incentive updates, and special offers. This positions you as the trusted solar resource customers turn to.

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Social Media Marketing

Engage with potential customers on the platforms they frequent. Our social media marketing for solar companies will help you showcase installations, promote customer success stories, and weigh in on discussions about sustainability, positioning you as the local solar expert.

Other services we offer:

Let's hit those goals together!
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Why Choose Us

No gimmicks. No shortcuts. Just solid solar marketing strategies.

We know solar installation isn’t just about technology – it’s about quality construction and lasting results. That’s why our solar marketing agency is owned by a seasoned general contractor. We bring a unique understanding of the installation process, building codes, and the expectations of discerning customers to every marketing campaign we create. Let’s explore why that makes a difference for your solar business:

  • Solar Industry Expertise: We Speak Your Language. We don’t just understand solar, we’re passionate about it. From the technical aspects of panels and inverters to the environmental impact, we know how to translate that passion into marketing that resonates with your customers.

  • Proven Track Record: See the Sunshine in Our Results. We’ve helped solar businesses just like yours shine. Our case studies show how we’ve increased website traffic, generated qualified leads, and helped close those all-important deals.

  • Transparent Pricing: Power Your Growth, Not Our Bottom Line. Upfront pricing means you’ll never be caught off-guard. Consider it an investment in a brighter future for your solar business.

  • Personalized Approach: Your Strategy, Custom-Crafted. Whether you’re focused on residential or commercial, we’ll design a marketing plan as unique as your solar solutions. No cookie-cutter strategies here.

  • Focus on Long-Term Growth: Sustainable Success, Powered by Marketing. We’re not chasing quick wins. We help you build a strong foundation for consistent lead generation and a reputation that outshines the competition.

  • Results-Driven: We Track More Than Just Sunlight. We’re obsessed with analyzing data. We’ll pinpoint what’s working, what’s not, and constantly adjust for maximum impact on your solar sales.

Gain a dedicated team passionate about your success!

  • Stay informed: We’ll keep you updated on progress and results every step of the way.
  • Dedicated support: Your dedicated account manager ensures your needs are met.
  • Data-driven decisions: We use data insights to optimize your campaigns for maximum impact.
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Customer Results

Real Results from Real Clients

With our proven SEO strategies and expert guidance, we help home service businesses across the United States dominate search results and attract a steady stream of qualified leads. We've helped countless businesses achieve remarkable results, increasing their online visibility and driving more customers to their door.


Frequent Asked Questions

We got you covered.

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A specialized agency knows the best ways to reach potential customers interested in solar energy. We’ll handle the marketing side so you can focus on providing top-notch solar installations!
We’ll make sure potential customers find you when they’re searching for things like:
  • “Best solar companies near me”
  • “Solar panel cost” + your location
  • “Government incentives for solar” in your area
A good marketing strategy highlights what makes you unique! Maybe it’s:
  • Specialization in a certain type of solar technology
  • Your commitment to customer service and warranties
  • Partnership with local environmental groups
Definitely! We’ll tailor your marketing with different messages and channels to reach each audience. Homeowners might see ads on Facebook, while we might target businesses through LinkedIn.
Metrics matter! A good agency will track:
  • Leads (phone calls, website form-fills) coming from marketing
  • Where you rank in local searches for important keywords
  • The actual new contracts generated by those marketing efforts

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