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Are you looking for a Brookfield website design service to enhance your online presence and impress your target audience? We believe that website design goes beyond aesthetics and good looks. It’s about creating a seamless user experience that generates leads and grows your business. As a web design agency with years of experience, we can bring your website to life and make it stand out in today’s competitive digital landscape.

Web design is the process of creating a website that is visually appealing, easy to navigate, and user-friendly. A well-designed website is essential for businesses of all sizes, as it serves as your digital storefront and the first point of contact with potential customers. A poorly designed website can deter visitors and harm your brand’s credibility. 

A professionally designed website can differentiate your business, build credibility, increase traffic and boost conversions. At Plaid Agency, we understand the importance of Brookfield website design, and we can help you develop a website that is not only beautiful but also functional and optimized for success. Combine your website build with our SEO & PPC services to maximize exposure!

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Our satisfied clients have seen remarkable results in their industries with our exceptional web design projects that effectively transformed their online presence. Take a look at some of the successful projects we’ve delivered.

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Increased Leads & Calls

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Increase in Traffic

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Increased Engagement

Transform your online success with our expert web design team. We take on each unique challenge and deliver success stories our clients are proud of. By implementing effective content strategies and building websites with optimized architecture, our clients become authorities in their industries, leading to tangible growth in search engine results pages (SERPs). Experience the proven results of partnering with our expert team of Brookfield web designers.

Elevate your brand with the Leading Brookfield website company

With a focus on user experience and modern aesthetics, our website designs are crafted to elevate your brand and help you stand out in a competitive online landscape

Our Brookfield Website Design services

move your company in the right direction

Hire us to elevate your online presence and make a lasting impression on your audience. Our web design agency specializes in digital marketing, custom website design, responsive design, landing page design, website redesign and website maintenance.

Custom Website Design

Our team of expert designers and developers will work with you to create a unique and engaging website that is tailored to your business needs. From the initial design concept to the final launch, we'll ensure that your website is visually stunning, easy to navigate, and optimized for search engines using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Website Redesign

Does your current website look outdated or fail to meet your business goals? Let us redesign your website to improve its aesthetics, functionality, and user experience. We'll use our knowledge of responsive design, UI/UX, and CTA optimization to create a website that is not only visually appealing but also generates leads and drives conversions.

Landing Page Design

Want to boost your website's conversion rate? We can design and optimize your landing pages to improve the user experience and encourage visitors to take action. Our landing page design services include CTA optimization, mobile optimization, and A/B testing to ensure that your landing pages are performing at their best.

Maintenance & Support

Keeping your website up to date and running smoothly is crucial for your online success. We offer ongoing maintenance and support services to ensure that your website is secure, fast, and up to date with the latest web design trends and best practices. Our services include security updates, bug fixes, and performance optimization.

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Our Websites are built with:

powerful, mobile-friendly, & fast


All of our websites are built on the WordPress platform, which provides a powerful and intuitive content management system that allows you to easily update your website.

Responsive Design

We understand the importance of creating a website that looks great on all devices, which is why we incorporate responsive design into all of our websites. This ensures that your website looks great on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

Fast & Secure Hosting

We offer fast and secure hosting for all of our websites, ensuring that your website loads quickly and is protected from security threats.

experience The benefits

of a Professionally-Crafted Website!

  • Improved credibility and trustworthiness with potential customers
  • Increased visibility and search engine rankings through SEO optimization
  • Better user experience and customer engagement through optimized design and functionality
  • Higher conversion rates and lead generation through effective call-to-actions and landing pages
  • Stronger brand identity and differentiation from competitors
  • Scalability and flexibility for future growth and updates

Unleashing the Power of Design: Elements that Fuel Every Website

essential design features we use to create websites that convert

At Plaid Agency based in Brookfield, Wisconsin, we approach website design holistically, taking into account every aspect of the user experience. From UI/UX to SEO optimization, we create custom websites that engage visitors and drive conversions. Our designs incorporate modern aesthetics, responsive layouts, and clear CTAs, all while ensuring easy navigation and fast page speeds. Trust us to deliver a website that not only looks great but also performs exceptionally well.

User Experience

UX, or user experience, refers to how easy and enjoyable it is for the user to interact with your website. We implement best practices for UX design to ensure your website is a user-centered design, is intuitive and provides a positive user experience.

Call to Actions

A call to action (CTA) is a button or link that prompts the user to take a specific action, such as making a purchase or filling out a contact form. We strategically place CTAs throughout your website to drive conversions and achieve your business goals.

Navigation Design

Navigation design refers to how your website's menu is structured and how easy it is for users to find the information they're looking for. We use intuitive navigation design to make it easy for users to navigate your website and find the information they need.

HTML, CSS, Javascript

These are types of programming languages used to build websites. We use the latest coding standards to ensure your website is fast, secure, and optimized for search engines.

Mobile Optimization

With more users accessing the internet from their smartphones, it's important that your website is optimized for mobile devices. We design your mobile website with users in mind to ensure it looks and functions perfectly on smaller screens.


The aesthetics of your website, including the color palette, typography, and imagery, play a key role in how users perceive your brand. We use design principles and best practices to create a visually appealing website that represents your brand effectively.

SEO Optimized

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing your website to rank higher in search engine results pages. We implement on-page SEO and off-page SEO into your website to improve its visibility in search engines.

Page Speed

Website speed is crucial for providing a positive user experience and improving your website's search engine rankings. We optimize your website for fast load times, so users can access your content quickly and easily.

Experience & Expertise Matter! don't fall for templated web designs

Invest in the right Web Design Company

At Plaid Agency, we have extensive experience and expertise in website design and development. Our team of skilled professionals has worked with businesses of all sizes and industries, delivering top-notch websites that have helped our clients achieve their goals. We have a proven track record of designing and developing Brookfield websites that not only look great but also deliver results.

Our team has a deep understanding of the latest web design and development technologies, and we stay up to date with the latest industry trends and best practices. We take a data-driven approach to web design, ensuring that every design decision is backed by research and analysis. With our expertise, we can help you create a website that is not only visually appealing but also optimized for success. Trust us to bring your vision to life and help you achieve your business goals.

Website Design steps:

Seemless process that's easy for you

1. Discovery Phase:

During this phase, we work with our clients to understand their business, target audience, and goals. We gather information about their brand, industry, competitors, and any specific features or functionalities they require for their website.

2. Design Phase:

Based on the information gathered in the Discovery phase, we begin the design process. This involves creating a visual representation of the website’s layout and structure. We then move on to the UI/UX design, where we focus on creating a visually appealing design that provides a seamless user experience. We pay close attention to the elements mentioned earlier, such as CTA, navigation design, color palettes, and typography.

3. Development Phase:

Once the design has been finalized, we move on to the development phase. This is where we bring the website to life using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. We ensure that the website is fully responsive and optimized for mobile devices. We also implement SEO best practices to ensure that the website is search engine friendly.

4. Testing & Launch Phase:

Before launching the website, we conduct thorough testing to ensure that it functions properly and meets our client’s requirements. We test the website on multiple devices and browsers to ensure that it is responsive and performs well. Once we have completed testing, we launch the website and provide ongoing maintenance and support to ensure that it continues to meet our client’s needs.

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Website Design FAQs

A well-designed website should be visually appealing, easy to navigate, and user-friendly. It should have a clear structure, fast loading speed, and a responsive design that works well on all devices. It should also incorporate effective call-to-actions (CTAs) and be optimized for search engines using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Responsive design is essential for ensuring that your website looks great and functions well on all devices, including desktops, tablets, and mobile phones. By using responsive design, you can provide a seamless user experience that is easy to navigate, regardless of the device being used.

UX design focuses on creating a user-centered design that is intuitive and provides a positive user experience. By implementing best practices for UX design, you can improve your website’s performance by making it easier for users to interact with your website, find the information they need, and take action.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of optimizing your website to rank higher in search engine results pages. By implementing on-page SEO best practices into your website design, you can improve your website’s visibility in search engines, driving more traffic to your website and ultimately increasing conversions.

Effective website design and content can improve your website’s conversion rate by creating a seamless user experience that encourages visitors to take action. This can be achieved by using effective CTAs, clear navigation design, and optimizing your landing pages. By working with a professional web design agency like Plaid Agency, you can improve your website’s design and content to drive more conversions and ultimately grow your business.

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Patrick graduated with a degree in Marketing from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in 2010. Since his family got his first computer in 1996, he has been building websites, creating PPC campaigns, and mastering search engine optimization ever since. Patrick has built and owned many multi-million dollar companies with his knowledge and expertise in digital marketing. He now focuses on helping small businesses in the Brookfield area build their digital empires with Plaid Agency.

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